Legislative Codes

These are codes that are based on Legislation and have been formally devised by Government Departments and Government Regulators, after consultation with interest groups. These are distinct from industry's own self-regulatory codes but often are based on industry's initiatives in which AAI has been to the forefront in developing.

It is widely recognised, especially at EU level, that a policy of co-operation between Government, Industry and other interested parties, provides for the most effective regulation. Self-regulation has provided a generally effective and speedy way of managing advertising regulation. Advertisers and advertising media have been able to quickly address issues as they arise. This response is well encapsulated in the work of the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI), well recognised as a leading self-regulatory authority.

BAI GENERAL Commercial Communications Code - Effective Sept 2013.  
This code details the rules that apply to advertising, sponsorship, product placement and other commercial communications aired by Irish radio and television stations.        

Guidance Notes for BAI General Commercial Communications Code

BAI CHILDREN'S Commercial Communications Code - Effective Sept 2013    
This code details the rules that apply to commercial communications that promote products, services, or activities that are deemed to be of particular interest to children and/or broadcast during and between children’s programmes aired by Irish radio and television stations.

Guidance Noes for BAI Children's Commercial Communications Code

Self Regulatory Codes

Self-regulatory codes are codes developed generally by industry, based on a recognition of the need to introduce different forms of regulating advertising practice in different industry sectors. These may relate to broad principles, target audiences, content of messages, claims being made etc. Fundamental to them all however, is the recognition by advertising practicioners that they must comply with the core principal set by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) - that advertising must be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

The ASAI was established by the advertising industry and is funded by major advertisers, in recognition by them of the need for socially responsible commercial advertising. AAI is represented on the board of ASAI.

Self- and co-regulation codes of practice are recognised by leading officials in the EU as the best way of ensuring effective advertising management.

Self-regulation is managed under a range of codes.

ASAI Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland  -  Effective from 1 March 2016 

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Code on Advertising Practice - September 2011 Click Here See our Links Section for the ICC Code Centre link

EASA Best Practice Recommendation for OnLine Advertising - April 2011 Click Here

ASAI Background to Self-Regualtion - Oct 2008 Click here

Alcohol Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship Codes of Practice July 2008 Implementation of this code is managed through Central Copy Clearance Ireland Ltd., trading as CopyClear, which provides a pre-vetting service of advertising material for alcohol products.

Co-Regulation Code

ODAS Code of Conduct for Media Service Providers of On-Demand Audio Visual Media Services