Toolkit Seminar – Online Engagement for Advertisers

Toolkit Seminar – Online Engagement for Advertisers (Core Media, 16 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2)

The rapid pace of change in digital and online advertising is the focus of our September and October Advertisers Toolkit seminars #AAIToolkit. To kick off we look at how more and more advertising budgets are moving to programmatic buying while brand conversations are also being developed with user generated content. 

“Programmatic Advertising Explained”

Dave Lenny, Head of Programmatic at AMNET Ireland (Dentsu Aegis Network) will discuss the shift within advertising from media focused buying strategies to audience led campaigns and insights. His talk will review some of the common misconceptions around programmatic and provide clarity to the overly used buzz-words and phrases.

In addition Dave will explain what a trading desk does, why agencies are moving to buy programmatically and will review the technological elements involved in a buying process. Dave’s talk will conclude with an overview of how programmatic will impact more traditional offline channels in the not too distant future.

“The Authentic Advertising Revolution”

Roisin Linney and Anna Pas from Wolfgang Digital will provide an introduction to the world of user-generated content (“USG”) and run through three case studies that provide example of smart social for organic conversations:

  • iWear: Targeting recent purchasers, the iwear community
  • Plan Ireland: Using Video Ads to spark conversation
  • Motivation: Using UGC to hack the system

AAI Toolkit training is open to non members at a nominal fee of €35 (€37.82 including booking fee) and is free to AAI members. 

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Venue: Core Media, 16 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2


Dave Lenny, Head of Programmatic at AMNET Ireland (Dentsu Aegis Network)
While studying Business / Economics at university Dave developed an interest in choice theory and the role user-generated content played with online purchasing decisions. This helped shape my career path and after college he spent 2 years working on the Large Customer Sales Team at Google Ireland where his portfolio within the travel sector included Expedia and Thereafter he transferred to Google’s DoubeClick department in London to join the Programmatic Team there where only a handful of people in 2012 and early 2013. Here his role was to help agency trading desks understand programmatic advertising.

After 1.5 years in London Dave returned to help set-up the Dublin DoubleClick Team where he managed a team of Account Strategists. In 2015 Dave joined AMNET Ireland, the programmatic trading division within the Dentsu Aegis Network..

Roisin Linnie, Head of Social, Wolfgang Digital
As head of social at Wolfgang Digital, Roisin Linnie describes herself as a social media ‘’super user’’ with her finger on the rapidly beating pulse of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and beyond.

She loves thinking outside the box when it comes to social media campaigns, and her specialist areas are user generated content campaigns & social advertising.

Anna Pas, Social Media Star, Wolfgang Digital
Anna’s digital marketing career began in 2009 and since then she’s been working as a social media specialist for some of Ireland’s leading cultural institutions and brands. With a background in journalism, she brings her passion for storytelling and content creation to each of the projects she works on.

As part of the Social Media Team at Wolfgang Digital, Anna’s area of expertise is social advertising where she executes successful campaigns for Tesco Mobile, Plan Ireland and Daft.



Tuesday 20th September 2016 at 8:30am – 10:00am

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