IAPI Launches Creative Heroes

Great creative work doesn’t happen without a great client. In Creative Heroes we talk to some clients who have produced exceptional work. We get their views on how to maximise the power of creativity and find out who their creative heroes are.

We’ve picked clients from different sectors, with different stories to tell and each with their own view of the importance of creativity and how to maximise it for their brand’s benefit.

First up is Mark Henry, Central Marketing Director at Tourism Ireland. October and November will each feature another Creative Hero.

Mark Nutley, IAPI Creative Committee Member, explains the purpose of the series.

“We all love and absorb creative work as part of life. Some of the most powerful moments in our lives involve music, film, writing, or some form of creative expression. Yet, when it comes to work, there is a temptation to forget how powerful creativity can be. Those clients that appreciate the power of creativity and demand creative excellence from their agency reap the rewards. These films salute those clients and hopefully share a few secrets that others can pick up on. IAPI believes that commercial creativity can be a game-changer for more businesses. Creative Heroes is part of that discussion”.

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