Join the ‘AAI Access’ Planning Committee

Members Networking Forum

With summer peaking over the horizon, the time has come to start planning our AAI members-only networking sessions.  In the past we’ve called this group ‘The Influencers’ , this year we’re updating its name to ‘AAI Access’. These are less formal gatherings facilitating AAI members to get to know each other while also gaining knowledge of personal benefit.  For example previously we’ve received training on building a personal brand, shared campaign learnings and talked about variations in marketing roles across different sectors. 

To help plan content that’s topical and useful we’re looking to form a small committee.We’ll need a maximum of two planning meetings in advance of the networking events, one of which can be completed by conference call. This committee is ideal for people interested to become more involved with AAI and particularly good if you are new to the association. If you’d like to participate in the planning committee please mail Su by Friday 31st May. 

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