Upcoming February Webinar: 2024 – A year when economics will play second fiddle to elections

We are delighted to welcome Jim Power and Chris Johns to take part in our next Toolkit session on Tuesday, February 27th at 9AM. 

76 states will have elections of one kind or another during 2024. Some analysts think that will be the largest number in history. A lot of those elections could be very consequential.
We start the year with Taiwanese elections – the outcome could well provoke China, widely thought to be preparing for a possible war by the end of the decade.
We end with the possible return of Trump. How bad could that be? Unimaginably bad.

With Jim Power and Chris Johns. Jim Power is the owner manager of Jim Power Economics Limited, an economic and financial consultancy, which he set up in 2009. He is a board member of Love Irish Food, BMW Financial Services and the Arboretum. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in Ireland and completed the IOD exams in 2022.
He is a graduate of UCD and holds a BA and a Master of Economic Science Degree. He lectures part-time on the MSc Management and the MBA at Smurfit School of Business, UCD. He is a native of Waterford.

Chris has worked in financial services, mostly asset management and investment banking. He was CEO and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) at Bank of Ireland Asset Management. He also worked as an economist in the UK Treasury, the National Institute of Economic & Social Research and UBS Philips & Drew in London, whilst also teaching economics in London and Cambridge Universities.

He is currently Chairman (non-executive) of Evelyn Partners Europe and a member of the AcuvestInvestment Committee.  

They are both also responsible for the very successful podcast, “The Other Hand”.

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