Watch: WFA Digital Digest with Gabrielle Robitaille.

The Association of Advertisers in Ireland were delighted to welcome Gabrielle Robitaille, Digital Policy Manager, World Federation of Advertisers, as a guest for our recent Toolkit webinar which took place on Tuesday March 30th.  

In this session, Gabrielle provided the Toolkit group with a summary of latest developments, expected next steps and WFA action on all relevant EU digital policy files likely to have far-reaching impacts on the digital advertising market. This included:

  • Recent moves to regulate online platforms via the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act and how these could result in increased transparency in the digital advertising market and support advertisers’ brand safety efforts; 
  • The state of play on the ePrivacy Regulation, which will set new rules on the use of cookies within the EU;
  • Plans to introduce an EU-wide digital levy and how this could have unintended consequences on advertisers;
  • Proposals to introduce new rules on transparency in political advertising and how these could inadvertently impact commercial advertisers. 
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