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Accredited Pitch Consultants

The Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) supported by the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) have re-launched a guide for prospective advertising clients in how to go about selecting an advertising agency. This is called “Finding the Right Agency” and it is published in both hard-copy form and on the AAI website as a service to our members in a pdf format. This format is in the Members Login area only (in the “Advertising and Marketing Insights” Page) and can be downloaded by members.

What is a Pitch Consultant?

A Pitch Consultant is a person or company who is not a communications agency, but who presents themselves as having a specialist expertise in understanding communication needs and how to select the most suitable communications advisers that a company or client might need. They would therefore understand what communication agencies offer (advertising, public relations, sponsorship etc) and be able to competently compare and assess how those offerings can best match a potential client’s needs.

Accreditation of a Pitch Consultant

As part of the guide, it was noted in it that: “Anyone can set himself or herself up as a pitch consultant, and to date the category and personnel has been unregulated. If you choose to use a pitch consultant then IAPI along with the AAI would encourage you to use IAPI accredited consultants; to this end both organisations have set up an accreditation process which should benefit both the advertisers and the agencies. Those who are successful will be promoted through the AAI to all clients.”

Against this background, IAPI and AAI outlined in their Guide the kind of Accreditation process that they would conduct so as to consider applicants who would wish to be accredited as Pitch Consultants.

Approval of Pitch Consultants

AAI and IAPI have now approved the accreditation of the following consultants, who applied for accreditation, highlighting their specific area of expertise.

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