About the AAI

Strategic Priorities

Priorities and agendas in AAI are shaped by our members, for our members. 

As a not-for-profit organisation representing brand-side marketers and advertisers, there are no vested interests.

AAI strategic priorities align with our pillars of access, insight and influence, embracing innovation and inspiration, and providing a focus for the year ahead. 

According to the current member needs and dialogue in our marketplace we are building access, insight and influence as follows:

  • Providing an interactive network for members to gain knowledge from their international and local peers as well as relevant experts
  • Fostering innovation in marketing and advertising that improves effectiveness and a measurement for return on their investment
  • Ensuring brands have choice in the diversity and quality of media available to them
  • Encouraging a responsible, accountable and transparent media marketplace that works for advertisers
  • Holding technology companies to account for improved standards of brand safety and ad fraud
  • Playing a leading role in representation of responsible advertisers and protecting Ireland’s self-regulatory system
  • Advising on transparency and alternative contract frameworks regarding agency alignment
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