About the AAI

What we do

AAI exists to ensure a viable, vibrant future for brand marketing. We champion inspiration and innovation across our pillars of access, insight and influence.


Being a channel for senior advertising and marketing peers, we provide AAI members with access to the people and ideas needed to thrive. 

Developing relationships, working together and making a difference for members is fundamental to us.  AAI offers the opportunity for meaningful and practical conversations that make a difference in day to day brand work.  


AAI members gain insight to influence and inspiration to innovate. We pave the way for brand marketers to build capability and knowledge.  We enable our members to meet experts and peers they have the opportunity to learn from.

#AAIToolkit, The Influencers’ member only network, knowledge share updates, working groups and consultancy requests feed into our constantly-updated members’ services.


As passionate advocates for responsible self-regulation and fair competition, we engage in dialogue and provide perspective on current issues to public affairs groups, industry committees, media owners, agencies, regulators and Government.

The views of our members are shared in important national policy discussions, providing Ireland’s foremost brands with a voice to shape the future of advertising.

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